About us

Valliance is a service company founded in Italy in 2001, offering a range of exclusive business solutions specifically designed to support manufacturers and distributors of essential medicines, such as WHO PQ vaccines, immune sera, plasma derivatives and other pharmaceutical specialties for human use, in achieving sales growth and sustainable business development on an international scale.

Our network & core activities

Our strength is a synergic network spreading from our offices in Pisa, Rome Tunis and Abidjan, to a series of reliable partners located in different regions of Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Our team of specialized and highly experienced professionals will support our customers' market entry, strategic positioning and sales objectives, as for Regulatory Affairs, Marketing and Export of vaccines, immune sera, plasma derivatives and other pharmaceutical specialties for human use.

Our team and partners closely collaborate with National Health Institutions, Regulatory and Procurement Authorities, to develop new strategies for our suppliers and distributors.

Our history

2001 | Rome
Valliance | RomeValliance was founded in Rome, Italy, in 2001 by a group of executives from the multinational-vaccine business world, with wide individual experience in the international field. The first operations started in Via di San Basilio.
2002 | North Africa
Valliance | North Africa In 2002 technical and commercial operations started in North Africa with Algiers, Cairo and Tunis as the local headquarters.
2005 | Pisa
Valliance | Pisa In 2005 the operative office was moved to Pisa and new sales operations started in Middle East.
2007 | West Africa
Valliance | West Africa In 2007 the first product was launched in the private markets of West Africa.
2013 | Algiers
Valliance | Algiers In 2013 activities in Algeria were strengthened through the opening of a new local branch in Algiers.
2015 | East Africa
Valliance | Africa In 2015 a new team of motivated and synergic people was created in order to better respond to the markets evolution and to develop operations in East Africa.
2019 | Central Africa
Valliance | Central Africa In 2019 the local Promotion Network was strengthened to better penetrate the private markets of West & Central Africa.
2021 | Pisa
Valliance | Pisa In 2021 the operative headquarter was moved to the brand-new office of Corte San Domenico, Pisa.

Our team

The mission of Valliance’s team is to ensure the growth of our partners, handling operations with utmost experience and professionalism, from Regulatory to Commercial & Marketing activities.

Our products

Through the alliances established since 2001 with our network of partner suppliers, Valliance has obtained agency and distribution rights for several WHO PQ vaccines, immune sera, plasma derivatives and other essential medicines, for human use, in full compliance with the policy “Exclusive distribution rights – No conflicting portfolio/territory”.



TT, DT, Td



Measles, Mumps and Rubella

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B



Meningitis ACYW135






Tetanus antitoxins

Diphtheria antitoxins

Equine rabies immunoglobulin

Anti scorpion serum (African)

Snake venom antiserum (African)

Viper venom antitoxin (European)


Human albumin

I.V. immunoglobulin

Anti-D immunoglobulin

Hep B immunoglobulin

Tetanus immunoglobulin

Factor VIII

Factor IX


Tuberculin, purified protein derivative (PPD)

Our services for suppliers

Our services are tailored to each customer's specific requirements and include Regulatory, Marketing and Commercial activities, related, but not limited, to vaccines, immune sera, plasma derivatives and other essential medicines, for human use.

Among the key services we offer to our suppliers:

Evaluation of market and business opportunities based on: (a) Supplier's portfolio, (b) Dossiers of the selected products, (c) Supplier's financial objectives

Preparation and submission of registration dossiers to National Regulatory Authorities and follow-up until obtention of the Marketing Authorization;

Guidance through the local, specific and complex export practices

Coordination for the implementation of supply agreements, credit opening and customer service, related to the delivery of pharmaceuticals

Well-integrated and continuous presence on the territory of one single dealer, acting as a trait d'union between suppliers and local distributors, to expand and diversify sales, optimize manufacturing capacity and production, and assess the risks of each business

For Private Markets:

Evaluation and selection of local distributors

Negotiation of supply agreements

Promotion through our local network of sales representatives

For Public Markets:

Updated guidelines for the procurement of medicines

Coordination, preparation, submission and follow-up of technical and financial offers for Procurement Authorities

Our services for distributors

Valliance has long-established partnerships with several private distributors, operating in many countries across Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Our partners ensure on-site presence enabling us to interface with local National Regulatory Authorities, Procurement Authorities and wholesalers, thus ensuring the direct follow-up of any project.

Among the key services we offer to our distributors:

Regular supply of high-quality products at the best prices and conditions

Negotiation of long-term partnerships with suppliers, providing a broad range of products and marketing support

Negotiation of licensing and contract manufacturing agreements

Experience in Managing operations on different territories according to local customs and traditions, supported by the continuous presence of one reference dealer

Our network


Our international network serves our customers in more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Oceania, under the coordination of our offices located in Italy, Tunisia and Ivory Coast.


Our contacts

Our offices located in Italy, Tunisia and Ivory Coast allow us to serve our customers in more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Valliance Srl, Via Montevideo 27, 00198 Rome, Italy
Valliance Srl, Corte San Domenico 1A, 56125 Pisa, Italy
Email: info@valliance.eu - PEC: valliancesrl@pecposta.it